8 months…

up until now this blog has been 99% photos and few words. well, i have decided to start using this space for documenting our family’s every-day life & sophia’s growth & all the little things that happen daily that i never want us to forget.  so i am sorry if my ramblings annoy you, you could always just pretend they aren’t here & just keep looking at the photos… i wont mind, i promise.

sophia at 8 months….

our little sophia has changed so much just in the past 4 weeks. On December 27th. we went to see Dr. Sprague & he said she would MOST LIKELY be crawling by the time he saw her next for her 9 month check-up & she would be a bit more stable in the sitting position. the very next week sophia was beginning to crawl & also sitting up by herself, it happened so fast. Today she is officially mobile, crawling everywhere & definately getting into everything! the living room has been designated “sophia’s world” she can crawl around, it is safe & all of her toys are in there. but, of course the one tiny little spot where we dont want her to go in there (because the side table legs are metal)  is where she wants to be. her toys will be strewn all over that room & she will turn & head as fast as she can to the “no-no corner”… i hate to say it but it does make me laugh. she is so cute now that she is really crawling  because she will crawl for awhile then sit up, stabalizing herself with one leg out, we call it her “kick-stand”.  sophia is sweeter than ever, she just wants to be where all the action is & always wants to be very close to us. she loves her brother & sister SO much & both jarred & mikayla are so amazing with her. they both are very careful with her, very protective & i love to see that. her laugh is infectious, her smile is so gorgeous – there is absolutely no way to look at that smile & not just melt. mornings are early & i have never been much of a morning person (well, not at all really) so when we hear her in there stirring around & waking up i cant help but just wish for a moment that i could pull the covers over my head & drift off for just a bit longer, but of course i know that isn’t going to happen. so i drag myself out of bed & as soon as i walk into her room she has the biggest smile for me, she “jumps” her bottom up & down in excitement to see me & just like that i snap out of it & realize how lucky i am to have such a beautiful, happy & healthy little sweet potato to wake me in the mornings… sophia you are so loved. her personality is also developing at light speed & coming out more & more every day. she is so funny & just wants to laugh & play on the floor with her toys all the time. she has always been so easy going & just “rolled with it” well, that has changed just a bit. she definately has something to say if she feels she isnt getting enough attention (meaning she wants all of my attention all of the time), it really is funny & amazing that she has already figured out how to get what she wants from me.

sophia you really are changing every-day. i am just trying to remain present in the moment & take notice to all of the precious “small” moments that can so easily be ignored, but those are the moments that our greatest memories are born from. i want to get those moments down here & into your scrapbooks so that when you are older you can look back on them & know just how loved you have always been by so many people.


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