on the day you were born…

on the day you were born, i was so nervous all morning long. your dad & i were both nervous & excited & praying for your safe delivery.  then, as soon as you were born & we heard your first cry & saw your perfect little body for the first time, we were calm… although the room was full of nurses & doctors all tending to you & to me i just remember an overwhelming sense of peace. i felt complete & calm & quiet all at once. i could see your dad talking to you & touching your head gently as they were cleaning you off & i knew right then that in an instant you had completely captured his heart… and of course mine too.

on the day that you were born our family became complete.

on the day you were born so many loved ones were waiting to meet you… i feel like all of the hope & joy & peace that you filled your dad & i with, you also gave that to the rest of our family.

on the day you were born your brother & sister were so gentle with you. they were both surprised at how tiny you were & a little nervous to hold you because they were scared to hurt you. your dad & i saw both jarred & mikayla with you & knew they will always watch over you, help you, laugh with you & the three of you, despite your age difference, will always be so close.

sophia, on the day you were born i became your mommy. i whispered into your ear all the ways that you will always be able to count on me.  on the day you were born i gave birth to my daughter, forever my daughter.

on the day you were born i saw this look on your daddy’s face… he is such an incredible daddy & i feel so blessed that you, mikayla & jarred will all have grown up with such an amazing man guiding you, loving you, laughing with you & always being there for you.

on the day you were born we all became so thankful for you. love you baby girl.


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