our ‘babies’ were baptised…

jarred haven, mikayla ruth & sophia louise, all three of our beautiful children were baptised on sunday february 19,2012 at our church ‘the water’s edge’ by our pastor, craig finnestead. what an incredibely special day! my brother, the kids’ uncle rocky (johnny) stood up for all three & became their godfather. shane’s sister, the kids’ aunt molly was there to stand up for them as well & become their godmother. shane & i are so very thankful & touched that both of them were so excited & willing to do this for our kids (and for us). when we decided to baptise the kids & thought of who would stand up for all three of them our thoughts immediately went to rocky & molly, no question. both of them have already been there for our kids & play a role in their lives & now jarred, mikayla & sophia know that if they need help & guidance or an ear to listen (besides their parents), or a shoulder to lean on, their god-parents are there for them. thank you to both of you with all of our hearts.

our kids have such an amazing extended family surrounding them, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends & even great-grandparents. shane & i are so very happy for our kids, that they got to see how many people love & support them. when we left the baptismal & were on our way to the party jarred said  “wow, there were alot of people there for us!”  i love that he took notice of that, i love that their family being there for them really means something to both jarred & mikayla (i’m sure sophia too). thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our family for taking the time to come & support our children, it meant so much to all of us.


being baptised…

i was so very happy that my grandparents, the kids’ great grandparents were able to make it. my grandpa, John Gomez Sr. had been in the hospital over christmas & it was so great to see him looking strong again… my grandma, Lorrie Gomez, the kids’ nana, is always so sweet & so beautiful…

i love it when grandma plays the piano & sings, she sounds so beautiful.

the reception after was a celebration of & for our kids… it was fabulous, perfect & meaningful because of the people that were there. thank you to my mom & arthur for hosting such a beautiful party!!

although it was a very happy day there of course was one huge missing piece… our brother,son,father,uncle,nephew,cousin & friend Tony. missing him is an every-day longing like no other, but on special days like this one, where our family is gathered together, the wound is re-opened & it is painful, unbelievable & raw because we want him to be there so badly. but we talk about him, we pray together & we lean on each-other. on this day grammy mary had a heart-felt surprise for all of the kids, rocky, dad & i, aunt karen & kim… she had made bears from tony’s shirts, ‘tony bears’. they are beautiful, they are soft & every one of the bears has tony on them. it was definately a labor of love for my mom & each bear has a piece of her on it too. mom, thank you so much for these bears, the kids loved them. it was hard for the kids when they first saw their bears & held them for the first time, but i know that they will provide all of the kids (and us) with a connection to tony & give us something to hug & hold onto that was his… thank you for that mom…

i can not believe that i didn’t get any pictures of the kids with their grandparents, shane’s parents, meme & papa. they of course play a huge role in the kids’ life & mean so much to all of us & we could never have such a celebration for our kids without them!!


jarred, mikayla & sophia… god’s children.

what an amazing day.




One Comment on “our ‘babies’ were baptised…

  1. What a beautiful rememberance of the day Gina and Shane The pictures are amazing of all the kids. It was a perfect day and also a bittersweet day as you say Gina. The missing
    part of course was our Tony. He would have loved to participate in this special day.
    Im so happy that our families were all there. Love, Mom

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