cutie-tootie has so many nick-names…

this girl has so many nick-names… we have to work on calling her Sophia so she doesn’t grow up thinking her name is budha or munchy…

jarred always & only calls her budha, because of her amazing, cute belly. mikayla calls her sissy, because they are sisters. shane calls her pterodactyl or dinosaur, because of the funny noise she always makes that sounds just like what a dinosaur would sound like. i call her munchy or munch munch, ridiculous i know but i think i started calling her that when she was first born because she is so cute i just wanted to eat her up. we also call her baby girl, lovey, cutie-tootie, soph, love muffin, pumpkin pie, smiley, love bug… etc.  we all called her elephant when she was first born because of the cute elephant sound she would make. molly has always called her soap-box & papa calls her sophie & our friend doc has named her “the dazzler”, i love that.

with a face like that how could she not have a ton of cutey nick-names.

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