a girl & her daddy…

shane was on vacation all last week & for the most part he spent it with sophia… she is with mommy all day every-day so i think that is why she would protest if anyone but me would feed her or lay her down for her nap, etc….. but i am so happy to see that now, after they spent so much time together last week, that sophia realizes daddy can do all the stuff that mommy does. just look at how she looks at him… i am afraid that she may be going over to the dark side & is becoming an official daddy’s girl… ha.ha. i know it’s not the “dark side”.

i know, not a great picture. i just love shane’s smile, his laughter & you know she is laughing too. i love that this imperfect photo captures how they play, daddy plays differently than i do & sophia absolutely loves that. i love that.

sophia & daddy love to play the zerbert game & here they are showing their skills…

at the end of his vacation week i apologized to shane because he didn’t get to do too much, he was with sophia & i pretty much the whole time. but then i thought about it, he wanted to spend that time with sophia, before the week started he was so excited to get to just BE with her. and they had a great week together & i love that so much!!

growing up i was a daddy’s girl, i LOVED being with him, we had so much fun & i have so, so many memories of the things we used to do when i was little. it makes me so happy to know that sophia will have that same bond with her daddy.  love you two so much. xoxo.



One Comment on “a girl & her daddy…

  1. Brings tears to my eyes as I’m sure we have lots of faded pics of Shane sitting on HIS daddy’s tummy ….only he was only 6 months old while Dale was home on leave from Vietnam to see Shane for the first time! How time flies…..

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