10 months today…

today, march 10, 2012 sophia is 10 months old. i know i posted this same thing just a few days ago but, where does the time go?  it just goes, life happens & before you know it the days, weeks, months have flown by & your just coasting on auto pilot. it really takes a concious effort to “stay awake” & live in the moment… the big & the small, ordinary, every-day moments. i think ferris bueller was right… “life can move pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around once in awhile you could miss something”. SORRY… now i am rambling.


1. that tongue… it is sooooo cute, she has really started to try & make new sounds this month & when she does she usually ends up with her tongue out. she loves it when we go back & forth making a clicking noise or a zerbert, raspberry noise. also, whenever we are outside & it is windy (which it has been every-day lately)  her mouth is open, she is laughing & gasping & sticking her toungue out… i call it her trying to eat the wind.

2. her smile & laughter is absolutely infectious… it is impossible to see that gorgeous smile & not melt or to hear her laugh & not be immediately laughing & happy yourself. she is such a happy, funny & absolutely content little girl. when she get’s going & is smiling & laughing i love, love, love to just watch her & enjoy her happiness. i know it sounds corny but sometimes it brings tears to my eyes because all i want is for her to be so happy, (always).

3. sophia has started “talking” with her hands. she now lifts her arms up when she wants to be picked up & held. she is trying to wave hello & good-bye, which is absolutely adorable. when she wants something or is reaching for something she extends both of her arms & her wrists go up & down like she is revving a motorcycle, so cute!!

4. her hair is growing so fast now & it is absolutely gorgeous. it reminds me of jarred’s hair at her age, except for his hair was so blonde it was white. she has the cutest little whispy pieces that are growing in with a bit of a curl on her neck, just like jarred’s did. it seems to be coming in almost a strawberry blonde color, it is definately lighter than i thought it would be, have i mentioned how darn pretty it is?? sophia, you are such a gorgeous baby girl.

5. the girl has got crawling down & she is so fast now!! she is definately mobile & it is so cute to watch her scoot all thru the house. when she is playing & she get’s super excited or there are just too many toys in front of her, she will crawl in circles until she finally decides on what to pick up & put into her mouth. she loves the game where i crawl behind her & “get her”.  oh my gosh, she laughs so hard when i chase her & then catch her & then start chasing again. now that i think about it i’m sure that is her favorite game to play.

6. i hope i don’t say it too often but, sophia is simply gorgeous…  her eye-lashes are so long & beautiful & dark. i love it when she is in one of her cutey moods or when she is tired & she bats them up & down at us. sophia’s features have always been very feminine but when i look at her now i see such a beautiful little baby girl & those eye-lashes… amazing!!

7. sophia focuses so intently on very small objects. she could have twenty toys surrounding her & if she saw a little piece of string or tiny twig (or especially something small & shiny) she would go straight for the tiny stuff, pick it up & study it, passing it from hand to hand. these small objects hold her attention much longer than most anything else. it is amazing to me to watch her little hands at work & to watch her face & know that she is so intent on the thing she is holding & studying… she really is a sponge for new information, soaking it up all day long.

8. she is so incredibely curious about everything around her. if there is anything new in a room that she sees from her point of view, she will notice it immediately & be all over it, investigating & getting into whatever it is. we have to be so, so careful about setting things down that she should not have because she is so fast & before you know it she will be holding whatever it is that you just set down… (coffee,books,pen,pencil,camera,remote,phone… etc…).  i like to keep her toys in baskets or in her toy drawer in the living room because she likes to pull each toy out one by one, throw them & investigate to see what is in there. i love her curiosity.


9. sophia has started to recognize & react to people when she sees them. today her grammy mary came over & when she walked in the door sophia was ecstatic!! she was laughing & smiling huge, she was so excited her body was shaking (seriously), & she had her arms up letting grammy know she wanted her to pick her up. when shane comes home from work in the evenings she reacts that same way, so much laughter & smiles & jerking her body back & forth in excitement.  i point out pictures of family members on our picture wall, saying their names as we go, she looks at the picture, turns to me, turns back to what i am pointing at, back to me & then smiles… she knows her grandparents & of course her brother & sister, mommy & daddy & she usually laughs when i point out a picture of her. she is learning so quickly.

10.  this girl is going to be walking any day now!!  this month she figured out how to pull herself to a stand & now, once she is standing, she barely has to hang on to remain on her feet. look at what a big girl she looks like in this picture… she seriously looks like a toddler here but maybe it’s the cardigan & jeans that are making her look bigger to me, what a big girl outfit!!

well, that is only 10 facts about sophia right now, there are so many others but these are the things that really stand out to me about her right now.

i am not on auto-pilot, i am awake, i am in the moment & enjoying every bit of it.



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