big girl bath…

last nite, march 12, 2012  was sophia’s second time taking a big girl bath in the actual bath tub. up until now she has been in her baby tub that sits over the kitchen sink, i just couldn’t make it work anymore. her legs were hanging over the edges, she is always moving so she was grabbing at everything, water was going EVERYWHERE, let’s just say that her bath time was no longer relaxing for either of us. her first time in the big-girl bath was the nite before & it did not go so well. she cried the entire time, i felt so bad for her, she was so completely teffified.  i was going to put her baby bath tub in the big tub to make her feel safer but i decided to try it one more time, just her in the big-girl bath & i am so glad that i did. she loved it this time!! she was unsure for about a mili-second & then we moved on & she loved it, especially when her dad gave her a rubber duckie to play with. (thanks dad).

of course i took a ton of pictures…

click on any photo in gallery above to view larger… click on first photo & you should be able to view larger & scroll thru them as slide-show. (if i did it right)

this is a whole new chapter in sophia’s life… is it just me or is this change a really big deal & shows just how big she is getting.

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