funny,beautiful,wild,hilarious,happy,loved & adored you…

a trip to grammy’s last week just to hang out & play quickly turned into an amazing photo shoot!! mom & i really could not get over how adorable she was in this outfit… i mean really, did you see her hat??!

jasmine did very good letting sophia pet her. because of biggs sophia has absolutely no fear of dogs, which could be an issue in the future when she thinks she can stick her face in any dog’s face & they will just lick her.  biggs sometimes growls at sophia when she throws herself on him & ends up laying right on top of him, he growls & she just thinks that is the funniest thing & then he usually just licks her & squirms out of her reach.

we got so many great photos that day i have to share more & this one is definately in my top ten pics of baby girl…

oh my gosh, take a look at that face.  so much personality for such a little girl…

i will never tire of taking pictures of this little girl.

photos taken 3-14-2012

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