playing with my meme & papa…

shane & i took baby girl to see her meme & papa this afternoon & bonus, they had lunch ready for us. (haha)

sophia loves to go & play with her meme & papa…

i think it’s because papa let’s her crawl on the kitchen table.  ha.ha…

she thought that was very cool!!

i love that sophia has her grandparents all around her, surrounding her with so much love. i of course spend alot of time with my mom beccause well, because she is my mom but also because she is my best friend, so sophia sees her grammy mary & arthur often. i really want her to grow up knowing her grandparents & how much they all love her. sophia, you really are so lucky to have your grandparents so close to you. grammy mary & arthur, meme & papa, & grandpa john & mary-anne… you have so much fun with all of them & they all are such amazing grandparents to you… lucky girl!!

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