girls day at the zoo…

it was girls day at the zoo & we had such a great day!!  mom looks like one of the kids in the photo above, such gorgeous girls!!

aren’t they so cute!! we just laughed & walked & talked all day… the girls have all become very close cousins & friends & i love that they have so much fun together.

my mom is the coolest grammy…  all of the kids love her so much & they always have such a good time with her!!

i was there too…….  (ha-ha. i say that because i rarely get out from behind the camera & in front of it, thanks mom for telling me to)

silly girls riding an elephant…

the polar bear has always been my absolute favorite at the Omaha zoo. i swear, i could watch him swim back & forth for hours.

about 6 years ago i took a picture of mikayla & jarred in front of him while he was swimming by  & it is still one of our favorites &  i knew i wanted to get a picture of mikayla & sophia in front of him. this summer I WILL get a photo of all three of them: jarred, mikayla & sophia with the polar bear!!

love these pictures…

it took a few passes but sophia finally realized there was a big furry thing swimming by right in front of her. once she saw him she was captivated, i wonder what she was thinking.

sophia, turn around the polar bear is behind you…

i know i have said it before but i am going to say it again & i am sure again & again… mikayla is the best big sister i have ever seen. she loves that little girl so much & sophia loves her right back.

oh my gosh… how gorgeous are our daughters!!!  shane & i are so very lucky.

and take a look at these models striking a pose…

my favorite picture of the day…

love these girls so much.

this was actually sophia’s second trip to the zoo. we went in october, 2011 with mik, alex, alyssa & i. sophia had absolutely no idea that she was anywhere different on that trip, she was way too young so it was great to see her noticing & responding to the animals on this trip. she especially responded to the giraffe, polar bear & the peacock that we followed walking down the trail for awhile. she is growing & learning & changing every day & it is so amazing to watch!!  i can’t wait to take her back this summer to see the aquarium, it wasn’t open yesterday & when it reopens it is supposed to be even bigger & better than before.  i know she will love it so much, with all the fish swimming on every side of her even up above.

it was a great day but by the end of it sophia was done & ready to be home…

what a fun, fun day!!

2 Comments on “girls day at the zoo…

  1. Gina, these pictures of all the girls are absolutely gorgeous. I love your still life of life in the backyard before dinner. You are right at first glance it may seem that the pics are not all that interesting but there is a lot happening. Everyone is engaged. Great to capture those moments on film. Love you, Mom

  2. What an experience! Really must have been a wonderful day. Thanks for letting us follow along with you.

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