in the flowers…

my idea of a great way to spend an afternoon is getting sophia dressed up all cute & having a “photo-shoot”.  these photos are in front of our tulips that mom, jarred & i planted  last fall, we also put a little bit of tony’s & jarred’s dads’ ashes in the ground when we planted…. i think of them every time i see the gorgeous flowers that bloomed.

it has gotten a little more difficult to get the photos i want now that she just crawls away,  but she does such a great job of putting up with me moving her around & always following her with the camera.  it always ends up that my favorite shots are when i just follow her around, get down to her level on the ground & capture her exploring the world around her, seeing most things for the first time.

i love that sophia is at this amazing age for her first spring. she is exploring & learning & able to spend the days outside, which she loves. she is discovering flowers & crawling thru the grass & watching the big kids play & run, she loves all of it!!

another self-portrait…

of course i had to set her in with the flowers in our little garden…

ooooh, she melts my heart…

and playing in the grass & flowers at grammy’s house…

doing her “scrunchy-nose face” or as we call it  “the jarred face”  because jarred made this face all of the time when he was sophia’s age. she does it when she wants something (real bad), if she is being fed & wants another bite, or if she is just really excited…

sophia, your grammy put the flowers on top of your head not me!!

sophia, you look so, so pretty in the flowers.







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