i know, these pictures are dark, hard to see & they may even seem boring when you first look at them. when i looked at them again i saw enough to make me tear up & smile… i see my family coming together before dinner, shane grilling, jarred hitting golf balls, mikayla dancing in the yard, sophia crawling around between us & me taking pictures of them. oh yah & biggs just happy to have everyone outside with him. with jarred in high school he is ALWAYS out with his friends and his time at home is becoming limited & mikayla is usually outside with her friends playing or in her room listening to music… they are growing up. i have always tried to have us sit down for dinner together at least 4 times a week but it seems that lately that hasn’t been happening, everyone has their own lives & agendas. but last night we all sat down together for a great dinner & we laughed & jarred told us  about his camping trip with his friends & sophia was screaming the whole time.

i think this is one of those times i wish i could bottle & open up later when i need to feel good.


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