perfect spring mornings…

this spring, the days have been so gorgeous & sophia & i usually make it outside right after her morning nap & breakfast. she loves going for her late morning walks to the park to swing or just going out in the yard & crawling around,playing with her dog.
we took her truck out with us yesterday morning, she uses it to help her stand & to walk… i think she will be walking on her own by her 1yr. birthday. (which is just one month away!!)…

of course she decided about 5 minutes in that she would much rather play with her dog than do anything else. she just loves to hold his leash & be the one to walk him. today she realized that biggs wears “jewelry”, his dog tags, & she was very focused on them…

she loves him so much…

and of course sophia loves, loves, loves going to the park to swing & play in the sand. i want to have her go down the slide because i know she would love it –  i am just scared that she is not yet stable enough when sitting to go down by herself… she will be big enough soon enough though.

look at this happy girl, and check out those chompers!!

my heart melts…

i am enjoying every second with you sophia. you are a gift, our precious baby girl.

2 Comments on “perfect spring mornings…

  1. What a blessing! She radiates joy and happiness. Thank you so much, Gina, for this “slide show” ……I REALLY needed it today! My shoulder is red and swollen and feels like a giant tooth- ache…….and I think it’s gonna rain……my head tells me so! SHE IS OUR SUNSHINE!?!? What would we do without her?

  2. Gina, what a wonderful way of living everyday with Sophia and Shane and family. You are the beeeeesst mommy ever.

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