my little sweet bunny…

easter was a very hard day to get through for me… i know it was a very hard day for my dad,mom & rocky.

this is the first year EVER that my kids have not dyed DOZENS & DOZENS of easter eggs, it is o.k., i’m not beating myself up over that one…  i know that next year sophia will be walking & talking & she will be a part of our easter family traditions.

it took me until today to get out of my funk…

then this afternoon my little sweet bunny sophia & i took our baskets & bunny ears & went to crawl & play in the grass…

so cute… sophia’s two front teeth came in just before easter, now when she smiles, oh she looks like a little bunny…

(i was secretly wishing those teeth would be in before easter so we could get a cute little bunny smile)




One Comment on “my little sweet bunny…

  1. what a riot sophia little bunny….those are the cutest bunny toothies and ears
    i have to have a copy of the upclose and the crawling away with her ears on
    that will make you laugh and cry happy tears love the empty basket like she is on the quest to fill with eggs

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