the crab shack…

April 10,2012… sophia’s 11 month birthday, oh my gosh, she has been here for almost one whole year already!! we went to joe’s crab shack that evening, not really for her birthday day, it just sort of happened that way.  we VERY rarely go out to eat so when we do we want to have a great time &  great food. joe’s crab shack was a disaster!! we knew we would have to wait for a table since it is a new resteraunt to omaha, so that 45 minute wait was fine, the kids & i just walked with sophia around the building about 50 times. the 40 minute wait for our food is where they got me… & sophia, then once we got the food, it was horrible!! & the price was laughable!!  i do not know how families can afford to go out to eat more than once every few months (which is how often we go out to eat) with how much it costs. our saving grace is that we like each-other & we talk & we laugh & can enjoy just being out with each-other even when the resteraunt is not living up to expectations… not to say i didn’t have a few moments of melt down, because i did. every time sophia would start to get antsy again or let out one of her ear peircing screaches i felt my heart-beat get faster & i would frantically be looking for our food again… really, 40 minutes!!  but, we were together & we had fun. we won’t go back to the crab shack any time soon, we will stick with our christmas night crab leg FEAST at home  tradition.

One Comment on “the crab shack…

  1. love your idea of writing letters to all the kids while they are growing, wish I would have done that too. I have a few letters saved. i also love the pics from crab shack, the one of you and kids outside is so pretty, you are gorgeous my gina, what a pretty mommie

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