letters to you…

sophia,  i have been writing you letters since before you were born, your first few months of life i was writing you weekly & now i have made a promise to myself to write you monthly. i write to your brother & sister too &  i have been writing jarred also since before he was born. i write the three of you because in the future  when you are adults & possibly married with children of your own i want you to see in my own words, that i wrote in the moment, how i was feeling & what i was thinking in both the good & the more frustrating moments. i want you (the three of you) to be able to read my words & know the depth of my love for you & how that love just grew & grew. i want you to not just have me tell you how much we all loved & adored you,  i want you to read the words from those moments… it will be clear.

each of you will get your letters when you are older & mature enough to know how much they mean to me & how i poured my heart into each of them.

that is another reason i love this blog so much… each post is kind of like a letter to you. so that when you are grown you will be able to look back on times that you won’t remember & you will be able to see all the love for yourself.

one more reason i am thankful for this blog…  i love, love, love to scrapbook. unfortunately, i can’t seem to get enough “alone” time to actually get any creative work done. i know i will have the time soon, but for now i am writing memories & posting photos here on your blog (which i have grown to enjoy doing).   these posts along with the notes i jot down thoroughout our days together, of any new & adorable things you are doing that day, i am keeping all of our memories in these two places until i can get the time to play with my paper & glue & paint & all my other goodies again & put it all together with photos to tell our family’s stories.

for some, all of the documenting life may seem excessive… for me, it is just right.

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