she loves music…

mikayla had a band “competition” on saturday morning, she was in a flute trio & the three girls did really great. we got there about an hour early so mik could practice with her two friends before they performed for the judges. all of the kids with all of their different instruments from middle schools all over millard & omaha were put into the gym to practice before their performances, it was so loud!

sophia was sitting next to her sister & friends while they practiced, just clapping & dancing & smiling…

now, whenever sophia hears music she starts dancing immediately. her dance is great!! she twists her body back & forth, claps her hands & “jumps” up & down, it looks like she is doing the twist!!  it’s great because mikayla & i see her dancing so we start immitating her & dancing like her so we end up looking absolutely crazy… it is so fun though.

when i look in my rear view when driving i can see sophia in her car seat & now when i look back there she is usually dancing to the music on the radio. it makes me smile every time & when she hears me start to laugh she knows i am watching her so she dances & laughs even more… i love it so much.

watching the girls practice…

i love that she loves music so much.

in the afternoons i turn up the music while we play or while she is eating lunch & it just makes her happy. she smiles & twists her body back & forth & throws her arms up in the air… not a care in the world, she is just genuinely happy & that is a beautiful thing.

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