birthday photos…

sophia, we are getting close to your first birthday!!

i got a little cake & some balloons yesterday to try & get a picture to use for your party invitations. we got just a few good ones.

we went to take some pics outside with the balloons, i tied them to the railing on the steps & sat you next to them. a balloon popped & you got startled, you jumped forward off the step & landed face first onto the cement… it was like watching the whole thing in slow motion because i couldn’t catch you before you fell.  (what was i thinking setting you on the steps like that?) so now you have a big knot on your forehead, poor baby!!

it really was not our best photo shoot but i got a few good ones still…

this is sophia’s first time having frosting & cake, she really didn’t know what to think about it. she has had a little bit of ice-cream & some juices  but other than that she really doesn’t eat sugar… at all, so i think it was a shock to her.

look at that scrape on her face… i’m sorry baby.


just one candle…

exactly one week until you are one year old baby girl!!








One Comment on “birthday photos…

  1. On the last one it looks like she’s blowing out the candle love you Sophia~Mik

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