big girl car seat…

sophia got her new big girl car seat, she will be in this one until she is three. this thing is serious, it looks like she could go up in the space shuttle & still be completely safe…

it looks so comftorable for her & there is even a cup holder that we can attach to it… so cute. oh my gosh, she’s already got her feet up in it!!  she looks like a little queeny in this thing…

i knew she was getting too big for her first car-seat when her feet started hanging out & touching the seat base in the car & i was feeling bad when i had to snap her into it because i couldn’t loosen the straps anymore… i want to save it though because she came home from the hospital in it, is that weird??

i think we will wrap the big box it came in & give her the empty box for her birthday, that will probobly be her most favorite gift of all.

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