first birthday party…

sophia, your first birthday party was perfect!! we all had so much fun & i know that you did too…

you have so much family that loves, loves, loves you & we were all together to celebrate your first year.

you had fun opening your gifts, but i think that i might have had more fun seeing all the great things you got for your birthday. it is a little hard to hold your attention for very long doing one thing…  (thank you so much everyone for all of the beautiful gifts you gave to sophia)

so cute, we got your “ooooohhhhh” face when we opened your gifts…

we even got some clapping….. yaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

she was clapping for the tent when she opened it but she still won’t get inside of it without crying & panicking.

you knew we were singing to you, you laid your head on my chest the whole time we sang “happy birthday”. how cute, you were shy about getting all of the attention…

make a wish birthday girl…

your uncle rocky & michelle always get you the cutest things…  i love that rocky get’s so into finding cute things for you, he is such a cutey!!

i can not believe it but my camera ran out of battery while you were opening presents so i had to charge it up before we sang to you & had cake. i was really bummed that  i missed out on taking pictures the whole time that everyone was outside, the boys were playing football & you were in the sand-box & you actually got into your tent with mikayla & alex…  it’s o.k.

your party was perfect baby girl. happy birthday.

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