congratulations mikayla…

Mikayla, your dad & i & jarred & sophia are so very proud of you, (along with the rest of our family).  being on surperior honor roll every hexter this year & last year is a HUGE  accomplishment & i truly hope that you are  proud of yourself!!

i love this pic. of you along with all the other kids getting awards for working hard & staying on honor roll all year…

i love that i saw most of your really good friends receive awards for surperior honor roll too…

i love that i was able be there early, before the ceremony started, so i could have you stand up & say cheese & get all embarressed!!  ha.ha.

walking up to get your award…

you & Beadle principal Mr. Southworth…

mikayla you are so pretty in this dress!!    who picked it out for you?     oh-yah, that was me… i did good!!

mikayla, i know that we dissagree sometimes & i get upset with you & you with me, but i think that all mothers & daughters have to deal with that, especially thru the teen-age years.   WE WILL GET THRU IT TOGETHER.

love you sweet girl.

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