one year & one week…

sophia at one year & one week…

you had your 12 month well-child check-up today with Dr. Sprague…

little sweetie, you had 3 vaccination shots & they also had to stick your finger to fill a tube with your blood. you didn’t cry at all when she pricked your finger & when she gave you the shots you cried for just about 30 seconds & then you were done, such a big girl.

weight: 19 pounds 5 ounces             length: 29.5 inches

you are now wearing 12 month or 18 month clothing

Dr. Sprague says you are growing and gaining weight perfectly.  you were 6 pounds 8 ounces when you were born & you have remained perfectly petite as you have grown this past year. newborns are expected to triple their birth weight by their first birthday & you have done that, so even though you may be smaller than most other little people your age, you are extremely healthy & have grown & gained weight perfectly!!

tonite we went outside after your bath for just a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful evening & also because i wanted to get a picture of you in your new pajamas, you look so sweet in them…

it is so amazing to watch you exploring the world around you & expanding how you look at “things” & how you interact or play with them. even toys that you have had all along, now all of a sudden you are playing with them different. you are figuring out what these things actually do & how you can actually play with them instead of just throwing them or “eating” them.  you are beginning to put your legos together, i watch you, trying to get the pieces to fit together. you are very deliberate in your movements, you put alot of thought into what you will do next with them… but then, after a few tries & you can’t get them to snap together, YOU LOSE IT!!  you scream at the top of your lungs, i mean loud, i had no idea that a sweet little girl could shreak this loud!! i am pretty sure that you have gotten your mother’s patience (i am very sorry)  but it is o.k. sophia, we will work on building patience together.

you love your sand-box & all of the sand toys in it… filling up the buckets, dumping the buckets, using one shovel, then another, then another. you would much rather sit right outside of the sand-box & reach in to play instead of sitting right in the sand & i totally understand that… nobody likes sand in places where the sun don’t shine. ha.ha….

“let’s see… hhhmmm… what should i play with next ??”

your brother & sister got you a new bath toy for your birthday & you love it so much!!  it is a basketball hoop & 3 little balls that also fill up & squirt water. you like to hand the ball to me so i can toss it into the net (which makes you laugh so hard when i make a basket, you think that is pretty cool!!)  & then you reach in to get the ball out, then you have to hold onto it very tightly for a few minutes, then you hand it back to me so we can do it again…

i have a feeling that i will be posting ALOT of changes & growth in the next few months.



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