two new chairs…

sophia got two new chairs this week…

i went & got her this travel chair on monday when  sophia was going to stay with meme & molly while i went to the dentist. since she is now in her big-girl car seat we don’t have a seat for her when we go places, so we got this nifty one that attaches to any chair. it has already helped me out alot. i’ve used it when we were at uncle rocky’s & at meme & papa’s & in these pictures at grammy mary & arthur’s. i think i will try it out at church next week, i didn’t take it in this morning because we were so late.

check out her awesome new shoes…

arthur was trying to take her snack bowl & she was not going to let that happen…

then, on saturday when mikayla, kayla & i went to the mall to pick up shane from work & for mikayla to spend some birthday gift cards,  i found this at “the afternoon”  ( love that store so much)…

oooh my gosh…  she is so ridiculously cute in this chair!!

it even has a cup holder!!    we have it in the living room for her to “chill” in & sip some milk while she’s watching sesame street…

SHE IS OUR “LITTLE QUEENIE” …. too funny!!

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