having fun at the kids’ youth group bbq…

mikayla, her friend (& husband/wife) mccenzie & baby sophia…

tonite was the last night of youth group until school starts up again next fall, so there was a party for all of the kids.  of course alot of the kids, including jarred & mikayla are going on the youth mission trips that our church, The Water’s Edge, does every summer. mikayla is going with her junior high group to St. Louis &  jarred is going with his high-school group to Georgia. i didn’t think that both kids would be able to go because the trips are so pricey but thankfully my family has helped us out with that… i know taking all of those kids on an eight day road trip is expensive but i just wish they could make it more affordable for everyone. i really am so THANKFUL  that both jarred & mikayla are able to go. i think that these trips will be life changing for them. i think that if they open their hearts & their minds & if they really take in the experience it will bring them closer to who they are & to god & open their eyes to the realities of the world around them & just how lucky they really are. they both will be helping to build & paint & clean homes for families in need, it will be so good for them to devote this time to helping others.

i also love that they are involved in our church, because they have both made great friends with kids that they most likely would have never met without being in their youth groups.

it is such a posotive force in their lives…

because of the posotive friends they have made

because they have both become closer to god & to who they are as individuals

because they are learning how to be a teen-ager in the modern world, all the while doing it with god leading them to make posotive deciscions for themselves, which means they have to be confident in their values & morals & belief system & in themselves.

mikayla having fun with a bunch of her friends…

such a great group of girls!!

sophia played in the “sand-box” all evening, it was a little bigger than our sand-box… ha.ha.

she saw this truck sitting in the sand & she immediately went straight for it…


sophia makes friends wherever we go (she really does). she just loves the older & bigger kids, especially bigger girls. this little girl, anna, played with sophia for quite awhile & sophia loved it!!

they ended the night with a few very competetive games of B-I-N-G-O…

of course mikayla’s table was the one where everyone sang B-I-N-G-O… B-I-N-G-O… B-I-N-G-O… & BINGO WAS HIS NAME OH …  & yes, they sang the whole song!!  love these girls.

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