trying out the baby pool…

look at those ruffles!!

how could anyone look at those ruffles & her adorable thunder thighs & beautiful skin & hair blowing in the wind & not smile?!?!

waiting for the pool to fill…

memorial day evening we decided to get the baby pool out, i just couldn’t wait any longer to see her in her new swimming suit. we put a little water in the pool but it was really cold so we just played with the water from outside of the pool for a little while. i will fill it up early when we get another really hot day & let the sun heat it up for a bit before i bring her out to go for a swim…

oooohhhhh cold…..

of course the boys found their own way to play with the baby pool. they were in the middle of a very serious golf tournament in the back yard & the sand-box & pool became hazards in their “golf course”…

sophia was picking up their golf balls… funny…

i think this is my favorite pic…

sophia, you are our sweet little potato pie. you are the cutest baby girl in this swimming suit, seriously!!

cute, sweet little ruffle bottom.

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