memorial day…

memorial day for us is usually cooking out in our back-yard & hanging out at home, a day off for shane & a day we all hang out together as a family.

on this memorial day we say thank you to all of the veterans & to all of the families out there waiting for a family member to come home & also to those families who have had a loved one never come home from war… thank you for your sacrifices.

my brother rocky was taking his R.V. out to meet friends for the holiday week-end so we all decided to tag along. we went out for just a bit on sunday evening & the afternoon on monday for a great lunch & just to hang out. mikayla was already camping with a friend saturday to sunday & jarred was going to a concert with friends (his first concert without an adult), so it was just shane, sophia & i & we took my nephew out too on sunday night but on monday the whole family was able to go together…

what a small world… rocky was setting up & brian huston drove by, going to his camp site that was right down the road from where rocky’s was. so, brian & his family joined us for lunch on monday.

grammy was quite the hit with sophia & brian & jillian’s kids. it’s funny that something as simple as a tupperware container with just a bit of water in it would be the most fun for all of the little kids…

of course sophia made a friend… brian’s daughter hope. those girls were so cute together…

sophia… let your sister eat.

rocky smoked ribs in his new amazing smoker that he built… we had a great lunch!!

sophia got to sit in her big girl seat & have lunch too…

she didn’t get to try any ribs though. i think that is why she’s a little upset in this picture…  ha.ha.

happy memorial day & bring on summer…..

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