first “big girl” meal…

it was unseasonably cooler today so i decided to put a roast in the crock-pot. we sat down for dinner & sophia was in her chair just waiting for me to eat so i could make her dinner. i decided to mash up some of the potatos & carrots from our dinner for her… she loved it & she ended up having a few tiny bites of the roast too…

she sat there and ate her potatoes & carrots & roast for about 45 minutes. i think she enjoyed it so much because  i gave her dinner to her right on the tray & let her feed herself. she loved being able to get her own bites at her own pace & i know she really loved the different flavors & textures of the “big people” food & she probobly thought it was pretty cool that she was eating what we were eating for dinner…

she looks so serious,   feeding yourself is serious business…

sophia, i’m not sure if it’s because i know that you are my last baby or maybe it’s because i am older & SLIGHTLY more relaxed & i’m now able to truly enjoy the moment, maybe it’s because we have jarred & mikayla & every-day i look at them & wonder where the time went & how they got to be 15 & 13. whatever it is, all i know is that i adore you sophia. i find myself in moments like these, when you are feeding yourself “big people” food & i already am wondering how you got to be so big. every-day sophia there is a moment when i look at you & i can’t believe you are my baby girl, i can’t believe how unbelievably beautiful you are, i can’t believe how time has flown by & you are 1 yr. old already.

she loved her first “big girl” meal…

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