our “summer normal”…

every home has a rhythm, every family has a “normal”.   i know we do.

our summer normal is settling in…

the kids won’t be too busy for another couple of weeks, when they both go on their mission trips & jarred is going to Connecticut to visit grandparents & aunts & uncles & mikayla is going to Louisiana to visit family. so for now we are keeping busy doing stuff around the house… working in the garden, getting ready for our garage sale (which we hope to be ready for next week-end), running errands, getting all of the things they need for their trips, etc… etc…  but, it is summer after all, so we have also been doing alot of “hanging-out” at the house & playing outside.

today was a good day. we got alot of stuff done but we just had fun… the best kind of day.

they vacumed & windexed my car!!

(nice smile jarred!!)

check out our tomato plants, i am so proud of them. actually, i am so proud of my whole garden this year, however dorky that may be…

every plant has fruit already!!

sophia & mikayla are always gardening with me, i guess that is our “girl time” & i love it.  the boys go golfing, that is their thing & us girls, we garden & walk & shop & cook & well, actually sophia, mikayla & i are usually together & i wouldn’t have it any other way!!

biggsy got a bath…

he kinda looks like a rat when he is all wet…

i love this picture of the three of them SO MUCH. sophia is saying “what are you doing to biggs?  can i help? ”  & of course mikayla & jarred are going to let her help because that is the amazing big sister & brother that they are…

our kids are happy & i don’t think they will know how much that means to us until they have kids of their own. it means everything to us.

we are only as happy as our kids.

shane & i have worked hard as parents to teach them that happiness doesn’t come from having things or even outside influences, we have tried to teach them that happiness comes from inside of themselves & how they choose to live… i know, that one is a life long lesson & it is hard to grasp  even as an adult. i just hope that they can find happiness as an adult from the inside, then i know that they will truly be happy & fulfilled.

of course, we can’t always be happy, that just isn’t realistic,  but i know that they have grown up in a house where laughter & hugs & “i love you” are just what we do… that’s just how we roll…

after a long day outside cookies make everyone feel better…

and milk too…

there were no cookies to be had today though, there was a baking malfunction. that’s o.k., we recovered with a pan of brownies…

mik, don’t feel bad. everybody burns a batch of cookies every once-in-a-while!!!

our favorite dinner at the moment… chicken legs & wings, some grilled with jerk seasoning & teryaki on the others, baked potato & corn. yuuummm!!

i love our “summer normal” because it means we will usually grill out 3 to 4 times a week. shane is usually the one to “man” the grill so all i have to do is sides… a little break!!!

mikayla usually helps me out & plays with sophia while i cook dinner. tonight, they were playing & our sweet baby layed down next to her sister & took a much needed nap.    i love this so much…

you know it has been a long, fun day when this sweet girl is playing one second & the next… sound asleep.

i love our “summer normal”

we are in a good rhythm.

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