too much fun…

we really do have alot of fun together…

we laugh together every-day…

the three of them keep shane & i young & happy & laughing…

let’s be realistic though, of course we bicker & get on each-others’ nerves & “fight” sometimes, but if the kids liked us all the time shane & i would know we weren’t doing our job as parents… but, these times are few in comparison to the laughter.

our house is loud… loud with laughter & play & joking & teasing & playful banter & we love it that way.

we are dorks & i love it!!



i love seeing sophia getting in on the action. she is so funny & she is just like us…  of course she is, she knows what she sees & she sees love & laughter.




look at sophia checking out mikayla… she just takes it all in.

thanks mom for taking these pics. for us








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