a sweet little girl lives here…

i was looking around the house today & i was seeing things differently. instead of seeing clutter & stuff everywhere, i saw evidence of a sweet baby girl living here. there really is nothing sweeter than a closet full of baby girl dresses & jumpers & drawers full of tiny little shorts & shirts with flowers & elephants. or baskets of tiny little socks with bows & pastel sandals & tiny, little running shoes. a quilt made by mommy with polka-dots & pink elephants. baskets of tea-pots & tea-cups & pink horse drawn carriages & purple & pink sparkly legos. hot pink spoons & purple cups. little packages of mashed vegetables, chicken & fruit. boxes of oatmeal & rice cereal & sweet potato puffs. tiny bibles & angels passed down from mommy. teddy bears & baby strollers with little babies sitting inside & little pink shopping carts………

she will always know how loved she is.

we better take notice of all this stuff now, while it is here, because it won’t be here for long. her clothes will be bigger, no more sippy cups or hot pink spoons…  slowly, it will all go away & new things will appear in there place & i’m sure that when that starts to happen i will see new evidence of our sweet girl & i will document it, to always remember her & what she did, what she liked, what she wore, what she ate & what she played with at every step along the way.

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