our girls…

i love seeing our two girls together… they are so close & sophia lights up whenever mikayla get’s home. sophia really loves to watch mikayla practice her flute, she dances & just stares at her.  i think she is trying to figure out where the sound is coming from, she is thinking… “how does mikayla do that? … my big sister is so cool!!”

except for here, sophia just wanted her sister to read her a book & it looks like she wants mik to read her the thesaurus… see, i told you that my girls are geniuses!!!         (& i don’t even know how to spell geniuses). ha.

this is such a beautiful picture of mikayla…

and this one too…

i am truly in awe of how beautiful mikayla is. we were just sitting & talking the other night in the kitchen & i couldn’t take my eyes off of her. she had just brushed her hair out (which she does before bed) & it looked so pretty & her eyes are just gorgeous & her smile too. it is true, beauty really does radiate from the inside out. her beauty is so huge because she is such a sweet, genuine & caring person, she is good to the core & anyone who is with her sees that. i know that she has no idea just how gorgeous she truly is. alot of mikayla’s friends wear “full make-up” every-day to school, but she just doesn’t need to wear it at all. i am so happy that she agrees with me on that one. i tell her all the time that she has the eyes & dark, beautiful lashes that most women put make-up on to try & achieve… lucky girl.

she is a cool chick … now shane is teaching her guitar!! she looks so cool playing that thing!! & she plays the piano too!!

i love that she is into music the way she is, i bet that is where sophia get’s it…

soph was playing the keyboard (in the closet) while mik was practicing, such cute girls… how lucky are we??

extremely lucky.

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