loving summer…

i (we), have been dying to go swimming since summer break started… we finally went today!!  they need to open up a public pool out here closer to us, we would be at that pool every-day!!  we went to roanoke pool by mom’s house which is funny because that is the pool i went to as a kid. mom or dad used to drop me & a friend off at the pool when they opened & we would be there until dinner, i can see sophia being like that because she already loves the water so much. i have been wanting to get her into swim lessons since she was 3 months old, we WILL make that happen.

i mean just look at her… this girl belongs at the pool!!!

kayla, mikayla me & sophia going to the pool…

next time we go i will for sure take some water toys for her to play with in the baby pool. i think she liked being in the baby pool better than in the big pool with me. she could sit by herself in the baby pool & walk along the edges & there was a little shovel in there that she was throwing water around with…

playing with her sister & her cousin…

lovin the water…

look at her, she loves it so much!!!

she went under twice & both times she came right back up, batted her eyes a bit & was over it… love her.

loving everything about summer.

loving the pool. loving the smell of sun-screen on the kids. loving lemonade on hot days. loving having the kids home. loving fresh from the garden basil & tomato salads. loving sweet corn for dinner.


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