let’s go back in time…

for the past few days i have been wishing that i could go back in time… to father’s day.

this year, i was stuck so deep in my grief that i did absolutely nothing for any of the special dad’s in my life.  tony’s birthday really sent us all into a bit of a tail-spin & father’s day came & went without me even thinking twice or really even taking notice.

to my dad, who i love so, so much & who has given me so much love & so many great memories as a little girl & as an adult…

to my husband, who shows me every-day how much he cares for & loves his family…

to arthur, who is another father to me & who i look up to & who i am so grateful to have in my life…

to my father-in-law, who i am so very thankful for & who is such an amazing papa to our children…



dad & i, we have such a great time & laugh & talk & can even cry  (if we need to)  when we are together…

sometimes life can get in the way of us spending time with the people we love.  but, no matter what, i have never questioned how much my dad loves me & supports me  & i also know that he would never question the same from me.

look at how much this little girl loves her grandpa…

dad, i love you. thank you for being my dad & grandpa to our kids, you mean so much to all of us. you mean so much to me.


to shane, our 3 kids’ daddy, father, role model, friend, teacher… & so much more.  your children & your wife love you so much, we adore you & we are so very thankful for you. we see how hard you work to keep us safe & happy & moving forward & posotive & healthy…  all of that means everything to us.

our kids are lucky to have you for their father… thank you for being you.

i love this picture. i love this moment. i know there will be so many more of them & that makes me so, so happy…

this little girl knows who her daddy is…


i love all of you & thank you for being in my life.









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