at the pool…

July 11, 2012…

we went to the zorinsky pool last week with alex, alyssa & anthony. that pool is perfect for little people like sophia, half of the pool is half a foot deep & she can walk thru it… she loved it.

of course, she had alot of fun playing with the big kids too…

these ruffles are seriously the best…  i think that every swim-suit should have a tu-tu on it!!!

July 12, 2012…

that was the first day that we went & we had so much fun i decided that we should all go again the next day… not so much. sophia just wasn’t feeling it the second day, it was alot hotter & she was just tired. as soon as i got her out of the stroller she started screaming, she was just not happy to be there. i didn’t want to make the big kids leave as soon as we got there so i made her a little tent to eat her lunch & get out of the sun….

getting out of the sun & having some fruit made her feel better…

sorry baby girl but don’t worry mom learned her lesson… we won’t be going to the pool two days in a row for awhile.

one fun day at a time.

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