since i have been re-loading pictures onto the computer after the “big crash”  i have so loved going thru all of them & watching our little baby girl’s growth thru her first year. this is why my pictures are so, so imp0rtant to me… i treasure them.

here are some of my favorites…

December 28, 2011

December 31, 2011…  oh those eyes make me melt

April 22, 2011…  mikayla’s 12th. birthday

May 20, 2011…  love her 10 day old little baby feet

May 23, 2011…    babies just know when they are in their meme & grammy’s arms

July 2, 2011…    sophia, your room has always been so very peaceful & comftorable for you. i am actually pretty proud of the room that i created for you.

August 21, 2011…    our little dollie with her dollie

August 21, 2011…    love

February 5, 2012…    i always wonder what she is thinking, she can be so serious & completely intent in thought

February 12, 2012…      her oh-so-cute gummy smile

March 13, 2012…    daddy teaching his little girl to walk up the stairs

March 13, 2012…     pure & sweet

April 11, 2012…    happy first easter little bunny

it feels like it flew by way too fast. so happy to have these moments captured forever.

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