in the garden after dinner…

some days are definately harder than others. sophia just didn’t feel good again today, i think her belly was hurting her again & she was just cranky & very clingy & just wanted to be held… by only mom, all day. i am so, so lucky & grateful that i can be here with her, especially on days where she just isn’t feeling well but, by about 6:00 in the evening i feel frustrated & guilty because i just need a break.

going outside & getting some fresh air usually helps her feel better & breaks her out of her “crankiness” but this afternoon not even that helped her to calm down & she always wants to be put down when we go outside so that she can run around & play but she didn’t even want down when we went outside this afternoon, so we just came in & laid back down which was obviously what she wanted.

then we went out after dinner & she helped me in the garden & this time the fresh air helped, she was smiling & laughing the whole time.

sophia, it was so great to laugh & play with you this evening & to see you feeling better…

i love watching you enjoy the flowers & vegis. &  i can’t believe how big these plants are next to you…

love this smile so much & love those ruffles…

she was so excited that i picked this flower & gave it to her & now she is starting to stick her nose in them & breathe in real deep, then she says “mmmmhhhhhmmmmm” ….

sometimes, at moments like these when i am looking at sophia & i just can’t believe how beautiful she is i think of my mom & i wonder if this is how she looked at me when i was a little baby. i grew up knowing how much my mom loved me & i grew up wanting to be beautiful like her but now that i have my own little baby girl i think i know how she felt when she looked at me. the love a mother has for a daughter is truly one of a kind & i pray that sophia grows up knowing that just the way i did…

love this picture…

sweet, sweet baby girl…

sophia, i am so happy that you felt better this evening. i love you so much baby girl.

i have so much fun playing in the garden with you.

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