happy birthday jarred, shane & meme…

august 5, 2012. we all were at meme & papa’s house to celebrate all of the july birthdays in our family. jarred, shane & meme all celebrate birthdays in july. it has become a tradition that we always get together & have ice-cream cake to celebrate each-others birthdays… such a good tradition!!

sophia having fun with her meme…

meme was in the hospital for the weeks before her birthday & she actually had to have heart surgery.  she was able to leave the hospital & go home only a few days after her surgery & it ended up that she was able to go home on her birthday. we really could not believe how great meme was doing, up & walking & looking great so soon after her surgery, it was such a great thing to see. you are amazingly strong meme…

everyone enjoying their cake…

sophia, mikayla & i went for a little walk & sophia picked up these american flags from in the front of the house & she had such a great time waving those flags around. the 2012 summer olympics were going on during this time & we definately had olympic fever in our house so i think sophia was just showing off her American pride!!


our beautiful girls…

such a happy, happy girl…

i love her enthusiasm, her innocence, her excitement for life. i wonder when we lose that excitement for the little things, like running & waving flags through the air???

we will meet back at meme & papa’s in august for molly’s birthday… bring on the ice-cream cake!!

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