August 15th & 16th…

sophia’s new favorite breakfast is yogurt- organic banana, strawberry, blueberry or peach & oatmeal with a touch of milk & brown sugar in it.

she eats half & i eat half.

this was mikayla’s first day of school & i think sophia missed her sister. mik got out early so before sophia’s nap we went outside to wait for her to get home from school. i just can’t believe that mikayla started 8th. grade this year & jarred is now a junior, seriously how did that happen???

check out the belly….

our little crazy girl…

i know that some day i will be wondering where the time went & how is it possible that sophia is in 8th. grade… not for awhile though.

August 16, 2012

sophia thought it was awesome to watch mikayla on her roller blades…

grammy & sophia playing in the sand-box…

cute, cute girls…

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