“welcome home daddy”

now that sophia is officially a little person it is so great to see what get’s her excited, what she doesn’t like, what scares her, what she wants, what she needs, etc…

in the mornings when sophia & i are in the living-room & shane is leaving for work sophia now knows that it is time for daddy to leave & she waves bye-bye & sometimes runs over to give him a “leg hug”.

all of us girls were outside in the drive-way playing when he got home from work yesterday & sophia was so, so excited to see him…

” hi daddy!!!!”

daddy hugs…

she would run up & give her daddy a hug & laugh & run away & around the girls & right back to give daddy another hug…

she had her golf club & golf ball with her the whole time!!

sophia really loves the neighbor girls jalyn & lexi, she especially loves lexi. whenever sophia sees her she runs up to her & says hi & gives her leg-hugs… it is so cute…

sophia & lexi playing a little golf…

sophia loves playing with the big girls…

One Comment on ““welcome home daddy”

  1. love all the pics…..awesome, what sweet welcome home for shane to see that little girl be so happy to see him, love the sprinkler pics

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