sophia & her stuffed animal…

August 30, 2012…

For her first Christmas my dad & mary-anne got sophia a cute stuffed dog that sings songs, talks & can be personalized so that it sings her name & other songs about her from questions that we went on-line to answer about some of her favorites.

she liked it then & i would put it in her crib with her at bed-time because it would play bed-time lullabies for 5, 10 or 15 minutes & she loved having the soft music to help calm her to sleep.

last week grammy mary came over to help me & watch sophia while i went to the dentist (fun!!) & while they were playing they got out the stuffed dog, which had made it’s way into sophia’s large basket of stuffed animals… she fell in love with this thing!! it has been over a week & she is still carrying it with her from room to room & when we leave the house she always wants to take it with her, it really is so cute to have her sitting in the cart at the grocery store hugging her stuffed animal & dancing to the music that it plays.

this stuffed animal is the first object that sophia has shown any attatchment to for more than a few minutes…

i wonder what she is day-dreaming about?   something sweet i’m sure…..

i think that she has fallen in love with her doggy now because she is older & has obviously grown & now she is able to hold her doggy herself & carry it around & walk with it & she loves dancing to the music that it plays. here she is dancing with it, too cute sophia…

my tiny dancer…

by the way… i am making paper banners to sell in my shop  ( so that is why i have a banner up on the wall that you see in these pictures that says “sweet baby boy”. i am also making them personalized with names or initials as well & other cute sayings… everybody NEEDS a fun banner in their house!!!

One Comment on “sophia & her stuffed animal…

  1. love the pictures of Sophia, I hope she is feeling better. Love the banners

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