playing at grammy’s…

playing outside at grammy’s was the perfect thing to do today. i am so happy that i brought her buckets with us for her to play with… now, if sophia is outside she definately has those buckets with her.

sophia has ALWAYS  loved playing in water so of course she went straight for the fountain & bird bath. grammy brought out a big tub of water for her that we kept filling her buckets out of, oh-my-gosh, she was in heaven!!

she ended up getting soaked. it started out with splashing like this & then eventually she was pouring buckets of water over her head!!  such happiness & freedom. she is pure sun-shine…

sophia figured out that the higher she held the ball before she dropped it, the bigger the water would splash. she wanted more splash & of course got impatient so she finally resorted to smashing the ball into the water, over & over, to get some splash…

pouring water from one bucket to the other…

jazzy dissapeared into the trees & sophia really wanted to know where she had gone…

jazzy & sophia are pretty funny together… the dog get’s so jealous of sophia & the attention that grammy gives to her, so she just tries to stay as close to mom as she possibly can. then, sophia would be playing with the dog toys so of course  jazz HAS to have that exact toy & they go back & forth, back & forth. jazzy is such a good girl to be so sweet to sophia

going to grammy’s always makes both sophia & i such happy girls!!

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