i can’t believe this but sophia tasted a strawberry for the first time ever yesterday. i think i never gave them to her because i was worried about the seeds, but she is definately big enough now with plenty of teeth to handle the seeds… oh-my-goodness, she LOVED THEM!!  grammy mary & i couldn’t believe how many strawberries she ate at lunch & we stopped giving them to her not because she didn’t want anymore but because we were worried that if she were to eat any more strawberries she would get a horrible belly ache.

little sweetie, she would say “mmmmhhhhhhmmmmmm” between her bites…

she loved those strawberries so much so i knew i had to get some to have here at home for her. this morning sophia & i took the kids to school & after we went to hy-vee & got some fruit & a latte for shane & i. when we got home sophia & i shared a yummy morning fruit bowl…

i think you have a new favorite food little girl…

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