Thursday, September 20, 2012…

today you… woke up super early, 6:00 a.m. & you were not going back to sleep either. you just wanted to get your bottle of milk & cuddle with mommy on the couch for awhile.

today you… ate so much!! when we got home from taking mik & jarred to school around 7:30 a.m. i made us a yummy fruit bowl to share & you loved every bit of it. then, three hours later you had toast with tripple berry jelly (your favorite) & watermelon & two more strawberries & you even ate half of one of my sunny side up eggs, your first time trying eggs cooked this way & you LOVED it. at 2:30 you had lunch, a hunk of cheddar cheese cut into little cubes, watermelon & a few strawberries & a whole hot dog & you ate every last bit of it. when you had eaten all of your lunch you were yelling & pointing at the cupboard that you know has your snacks in it, so after all of that lunch you also ate four cinnamon “puff” cookies. dinner was at 6:00 p.m.. jarred & mikayla took a trip to Arby’s for our dinner (we NEVER have fast food for dinner but for some reason it sounded really good), jarred gave you a few french fries, you had quite a bit of Arby’s roast beef from my sandwich, of course watermelon & another hunk of cheddar cheese…  i am so happy that you are such a healthy little girl.

today you… & mommy played outside alot. we went for a walk in the afternoon & of course played with your buckets & ran around the house over & over, we also went out to play after dinner for about an hour.

today you… shocked me with how quickly you are changing & growing & learning. i was holding you & you asked if we could go outside, we went out & you got all of your favorite toys out ( your buckets, of course) you are your very own little person & i am so enjoying & relishing every moment that i watch you grow & learn & become YOU.

today… we were driving to hy-vee to get laundry detergent (yes, our second trip there for the day) & we saw mikayla walking home from school, so we pulled into the middle lane on 180th. St. & picked her up & she kept talking about the fact that i stopped in the middle of the road for her, she thought that was pretty cool.

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