it’s my birthday…

today is my 37th. birthday & i definately had not planned on posting anything about that here, until this morning…

i felt myself crying this morning in my sleep, i was balling in my dream & tony was there & i haven’t seen him so real in such a long, long time. i was just crying & he walked right up to me & he put his hands on my shoulders & he said… ” i am o.k., have a good day”.  i woke right up after that & i was laughing & crying, i’m glad that shane was still asleep because i must have looked completely crazy, both sobbing & laughing so hard in my sleep.

i think what also woke me up was sophia sitting up in bed pushing on me with her feet, basically kicking me.

i looked over at her & she was watching t.v. with her head on the pillow, she looked at me & was laughing & i noticed that she had chocolate on her face. she had obviously crawled out of bed without us knowing & gotten m&m’s from my night stand & crawled back into bed with them… i could not stop laughing, oh-my-gosh she was so funny, looking at me so proud of herself & i could hear her crunching on those m&m’s & she was just smiling away… god, i love her.

so, by the way the first few minutes of my day went, i know that today will be a good day, birthday or not.

One Comment on “it’s my birthday…

  1. Happy Birthday again my Gina Your dream is so like one I have been having. I havent seen Tony for awhile so I was so happy to have him in my dreams. He came up to me and put his arms around me and told me, I love you mom and then this car came along and he said I have to go now but I will be back. He was happy, he looked so good, and he smelled so good. I was crying but I was happy too. He waved a happy wave. I miss him so much. He also said he was ok in my dream

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