family photos…

i really can not think of a better birthday gift from my family… spending the day together & a family photo session with grammy mary for our photographer. we had such a great day, one thing the five of us can always do is make each-other laugh. mom did such a great job on our photos.  it is really hard to get everyone looking fabulous on every shot, especially when we have a little person running in every direction & throwing a fit everytime we would pick her up. finally, mom told us to just put sophia down in front of us & let her go & just follow after her, great idea mom!! those were some of the best photos of the day….

as always, click on first photo to see all photos larger & view as slide-show….

a few of my favorites from the day…

this photo pretty much sums up our every-day family life… the four of us chasing sophia, running just to keep up with her & then sophia out front, loving every minute of her life, so happy & content & absolutely loving that we are always there, right behind her. to me this photo shows shane & i with our teenagers walking with us, which we are both so thankful for & our baby exploring the world…

our beautiful son & daughter…

shane & i are so proud of both of them. they have both grown up to be such amazing people, we really are proud when we look at them & we can say that we guided them to be who they are. i know that is the greatest accomplishment of MY life, raising jarred & mikayla to be the amazing people that they are becoming & i bet that shane feels the same. we have always told them both that if they like us all of the time then we probobly are not doing our job as parents, it is not our job to be their best friends, it is our job to guide them & give them their morals & values & the ability to know those morals & values when they are out on their own. even though we know it is not our job to be their best friends, our relationship with both jarred & mikayla is an amazing one. these kids are both comftorable coming to us with problems or issues or questions, even the embarresing ones, & just to share their days or their feelings & stories with us.

jarred & mikayla, your dad & i are so proud of you both & we know how blessed we are to call you our son & daughter. we are so excited for both of your futures…

we were all done with photos & ready to leave & jarred asked grammy mary if she would take a picture with just him & his mom (that’s me!!)… i handed sophia off to mikayla so fast & ran over to where he was, i know he has no idea how much that meant to me… it meant the world to me. i love you too jarred…

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