awesome birthday week-end…

for some reason i had a hard time with this birthday, this was the first year that i felt like i was actually getting older in a negative way, it was the first time i had a problem with the realization of getting older, i was upset for about a week before my birthday & then i snapped out of it & went back to knowing that every year i just get juicier & more perfectly “seasoned”. HA.

my family, my whole family, really made me feel special & so, so happy my whole “birthday week-end”…

OCTOBER 6th…  after taking our family photos on my birthday we went to mom & arthur’s & they had a birthday cake for me!!

it really was such a beautiful day, a perfect fall day to be outside, i think that the weather was a gift for me because fall is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!

hangin’ with the boys…

“what’cha doin’ grammy??” ….

always curious & always on the move…

just the 5 of us…

after playing outside for awhile, which we all needed to do after pictures, especially sophia!! we went to meme & papa’s for more birthday celebration… how lucky am i!!!   ice-cream cake!!!

i know that i am so very lucky & so blessed to have such great family all around me to celebrate being alive…

sophia really loved the ice-cream cake!!

looking at her papa… the cake was a brilliant idea!!  she has been going thru a phase where the only men that she will go to without crying is daddy & her brother, but give her a little ice-cream cake & she was loving sitting with her papa. i love the look on her face, just staring up at her papa, imprinting.

later that evening shane & i met mom & arthur at an awesome art opening & then went to the thai resteraunt that i have been dying to try & it did not dissapoint, the food was amazing!! mikayla did such a great job baby-sitting sophia while we were out & jarred was at work, so it was just the two girls at home. we are so lucky that we can leave our baby for a few hours & know that she will be completely taken care of & watched over & loved by her sister. they completely know each-other so it really isn’t like leaving sophia with a baby-sitter at all. when we got home at 10:00 (party animals, i know)  sophia was fast asleep laying on the couch with mikayla, it may sound dorky but it melted my heart coming home & seeing them both lying there on the couch, so comftorable & content.

the next day, sunday, i got to celebrate my birthday again!!

Dad & Mary-Anne had everyone over to celebrate all of our october birthday’s that we have in our family… me, alex & anthony & dad’s birthday was just a few weeks before. it was shane & i & the kids, rocky, collin & kayla, mike, kera & the kids & of course, dad & mary-anne.

when we were little dad would take us to BG’s diner all of the time. rocky, tony & i all loved going there with him, i remember we would get either their loose meat on hamburger buns sandwiches or their chili, oh-my-gosh, their chili was the best. mary-anne made the BG’s sandwiches for us & they were awesome!! they also had t-shirts made for everyone… they had a great picture of tony on the back with his name underneath in really nice type & on the front it says,  “tony’s family”. alex, anthony & alyssa’s t-shirts have another picture of tony on the front & above it, it says “top-notch dad”. dad & mary-anne, thank you so much for making them. i don’t think i will be able to wear mine yet, too hard,  but some day i will & i know that the kids all wore theirs to school the next day… what an awesome thing for them, thank you to you both for making them & thank you for having us all over, everybody had fun playing in the park & playing football & the kids loved that “the dad’s” played football with them…

even sophia got to play a little football with the big kids…

look at all of these beautiful kids…

we also had a birthday cake, with alex, anthony & my name on it.

i actually had 3 birthday cakes over the week-end, how lucky am i. i just have to say that dad & mary-anne got this cake at the cake factory, it was ‘pink champagne’ cake & i really have never had cake like that. it was aaaaahmaaaaazing!!!!  

i am so very lucky to have the family that i do & that they all make my birthday so special… i felt pretty spoiled!!

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