our girls…

i have been wanting to get these two dressed up & out somewhere to take pictures for a while & sunday (10/28/12) mikayla & i  decided the corn field would be perfect. we had so much fun, mik & i were chasing sophia around & she loved spinning with mikayla in the middle of that field, at one point i got caught up in taking pics. of mikayla & we looked over & poor little sophia was caught up on a corn stalk trying to get over to us… sorry sophia. (mik & i did get a little laugh out of that one though). i got so many beautiful pictures of them both…

there are so many that i love so i decided to put them into a gallery, if you want to see them larger just click on a photo…

One Comment on “our girls…

  1. Omg these picture are amazing..Mikayla is drop dead gorgeous as is Sophia. I love the way some of the pictures look like Mik is the giant and Sophia comes along as the mad little hatter baby. The colors are wonderful, orange, pink, the landscape and Mik in black and jacket.. I don’t know how you can pick which ones to print. I think you should make a separate little book with a collection of all. I just love looking at these. The ones of Mik jumping in the air are great, she looks so happy and free. I think one of my most favorites is one of Mik holding pumpkin and t little baby fairy walking away. She is a riot!!
    You have such a wonderful talent for photography, love all these.

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