Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012… when i was a kid it was my parents & my grandma margie that always created that magical feeling for our family at christmas time. i remember the flocked christmas trees & getting our special ornaments every year from grandma. i remember christmas eve with grandma & grandpa gomez & all of my cousins & aunts & uncles, i always looked forward to that. us kids would go down to the basement & run around until our parents called us up for dinner & to open presents. ever since i have been a mom my christmas has become all about my kids, i get all of my “christmas joy” from watching my kids get that sparkle in their eye. christmas is different now, without grandma margie & now without tony, i have to focus more on my kids just to make it through, it is so hard to make it through a holiday that has always brought you closer to your family & now they are not there. so now i just want to make our kids smile & give them the christmas joy & traditions & memories that i have from my child-hood… sophia is 19 months & i know she didn’t actually grasp that it was christmas but she definately got the hang of, & enjoyed ripping open her gifts & seeing what was inside.  it is so great to watch her eyes if she is real excited about something, they get so big & she laughs & says “ooooooooohhhh”, so sweet.

our Christmas season always begins with decorating Fred. when jarred & mikayla were younger every year the 3 of us would bake & decorate our christmas sugar cookies. we would usually do it just a few days before christmas & we would spend all night decorating those cookies, i will always treasure those memories just like i pray they will. they are getting older so spending a whole night decorating sugar cookies with mom isn’t really their idea of a great time anymore so mom & i got all of the cousins together to do some christmas cookies together,  (i think that next year it will probobly just be mom, sophia & i). the older girls still seemed to enjoy it but the boys were pretty much over it before it even began, you know what though i don’t really care, they can humor us for a few hours!!


112 141 129 126 123 145

it turned out that sophia really got into the cookie decorating… well, she really got into the frosting!! she loved it.

186 179 168 166 164 161 160 158 188 191 192 193

when sophia started dipping the spoon into the frosting bowls & DRINKING the frosting we figured it was time to be done…

201 216 221 212

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