Christmas morning 2012…


i love being santa!! jarred & mikayla may be getting older but i still just want to give them the best christmas morning ever, i want to make them smile & i want every christmas to be special…. no pressure!!!!

but seriously, i will always love christmas morning…

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the kids love opening presents, i love watching them open presents but i think that our favorite christmas tradition that we have is our Christmas night crab leg dinner… we all sit down around the table with plates of crab legs & bowls of shells & we see who can get the biggest piece of meat out of the crab leg. we ooh & aaahh over the big pieces of crab & we make a mess & i always make a salad & bread & sometimes potatos to go with our crab legs & it never fails, mik & i are the only ones that eat anything besides the crab legs. sophia already loves this tradition, she says mmmmhhhhhmmmmm when we each give her pieces of crab meat.

we are so very lucky to have each-other.

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