keeping busy when it is cold outside…

yesterday afternoon sophia decided she wanted to snuggle in her big girl bed with all of her favorite dollies. she was busy for about half an hour getting all of her friends just the way she wanted them & then every time she went to lay down she would point & “tell me” to cover her & all of her friends up. yep, it was adorable…

007 009 018 021 023 030 039 043 051 052 058 076 064 080

sophia you love having a big girl bed!! you love, love playing in your room all on your own & you love, love, love the little desk & little stools that are just your size that you got for Christmas, you love to sit at that desk & play with your new farm & farm animals or to color.

you also love that we have turned our dining table into your little fort…

098 102 103 111 108 110

sophia, sometimes i don’t feel good. sometimes i am tired & sometimes it can be hard for me to be the best mommy that i can be. but please know that my heart beats for you. i try to savor these moments with you, i try to be completely present in these moments with you & always know how grateful i am for you… you are my sun-shine.

One Comment on “keeping busy when it is cold outside…

  1. what a happy beautiful baby girl. she is so happy and you can see it in her face.
    what a wonderful job you are doing with your little daughter all these pictures make me smile

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